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Commercial household products are very big business. Store shelves are filled with hundreds of specialized formulas which promise to solve every imaginable problem, but they are expensive, chemical-based, and needlessly expose our families and our environment to highly dangerous and toxic ingredients.

The ultimate goal of Back-To-Basics Cleaning is to show you how to get the job done safer, faster, and cheaper!

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Please visit our forum on the "Your Tips" page and share your best household solutions! Write about your formulas and tips! Ask questions! This is a place for you to post product reviews, or seek help or advice on particular problems from other experts in the field - your green cleaning peers! Your comments will be posted for all to see.

Please stay tuned as our site grows and blossoms!
We hope you’ll bookmark this page, bring your beverage of choice, and visit whenever you take a break from vacuuming! There will always be something new to learn!

Back to Basics Cleaning Blog
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Use the Natural Cleaning Contact form for Back-To-Basics Cleaning. Suggest a topic, share your own thoughts or ask questions.
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Tell a friend about the great natural cleaning tips at Back to Basics Cleaning!
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