Air Freshener Basics

Use your favorite aromatherapy scents
to create natural air fresheners!

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The best natural air freshener for your home is fresh air! Open up the doors and windows while you are cleaning! But once you're done washing and polishing, you can enhance your home environment and set the right mood by using the natural fragrances of essential oils. You can learn how to create your own scented potpourri, fragrance diffusers and natural, non-toxic room sprays. There is also a safe, natural mineral alternative available if you are sensitive to fragrances.

Don't use chemical and aerosol products!

One of the main dangers lurking in commercial air fragrance products is is a class of chemicals called phthalates. (pronounced THAL-ates) Numerous studies have suggested that these chemicals, which are widely used in most air freshening products, cosmetic products and most plastics (including the plastics used for toys), cause cancer, reproductive organ abnormalities and birth defects.

Read about the dangers of phthalates.

Basic Air Freshener Spray Formula

Make your own Reed Diffuser!

More great natural air fragrance ideas!

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more about essential oil fragrances!

The Usual Precautions
  • Please use caution when handling essential oils. They are very concentrated and could cause irritation of the skin.

  • Essential oils are flammable, so please use caution around open candle flames.

  • Be extra careful when handling essential oils if you are pregnant.

  • Always keep air fragrance materials, potpourris and essential oils out of the reach of children and pets, including the safe formulas you mix yourself.

  • There are many internet information resources available which
    detail the safety and handling of essential oils. Please research before you buy a new scent.

Here is another article that exposes the extreme danger of using chemical air fragrances in your home. Dangerous chemicals in commercial air fragrance products

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