Make your own Reed Diffuser!

Reed diffusers are a safe, natural way to continuously scent your home. Rattan or willow reeds stand in a jar of fragranced oil and slowly release scent into the room. They are a great, long-lasting alternative to burning scented candles, because they don't release smoke or soot into the air your home. There are kits available at home stores, but if you can't find one at a reasonable price, you can make your own inexpensive version.

You will need:

  • Willow or rattan reeds (which can be purchased at your local craft store)
  • A small vase or jar with a narrow opening
  • Essential oil
  • Inexpensive Vodka
  • A light vegetable-based oil such as safflower or sunflower
  • Glass Beads (optional)

Fill the vase about halfway with the vegetable oil, and add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Add a teaspoon of inexpensive vodka. (The high-proof alcohol content in the vodka will help emulsify the oil and water together, and will help with rapid evaporation. Rubbing alcohol is not a good choice because the alcohol content is not high enough for this purpose). Shake gently to mix. Stand the reeds in the vase (as shown in the picture above).

You can adjust the amount of essential oil to your liking, but remember a small amount usually goes a long way. If you use a clear vase, you can add small glass beads for a bit of color. Remember to flip the reeds occasionally to recharge the scent.

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