Microfiber Cloths

brightly colored microfiber cloths
No chemicals needed! Microfiber cloths are another great natural house cleaning tool and are now widely available in many shapes and sizes. Microfibers are synthetic fibers that are microscopically split and woven together to create a fabric that traps dirt very effectively. You only need plain tap water to clean with these cloths. You can reuse them many, many times. The only caveat: don't machine dry them if you use dryer sheets. The fibers in the dryer sheets will make the cloth ineffective.These cloths are absolutely the best for cleaning windows, glass and mirrors.

microfiber dusting mitt
Microfiber Dusters

If anyone in your family has allergies, then dusting is essential to keep them healthy. Old-fashioned dust cloths just push the dust around and back into the air. Microfiber dusters trap and hold the dust in the cloth, and there are no polishes or cleaning chemicals needed! You can use one duster many more times than the directions recommend. Compare microfiber dusters to feather and static dusters, and you'll find that microfiber definitely has the advantage because it traps and removes dust and dirt. There are both reusable and disposable microfiber dusters available in your supermarket and from online retailers.

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