Steam Cleaners

No chemicals!

Steam cleaners use plain tap water heated to very high temperatures to kill mold, dust mites and bacteria, and cut grease. It's great for tight spaces, and literally powers off dirt like a pressure washer. There are several models of these little wonders available on the market, and they vary in both price and accessories. Some models even come with floor attachments, but they are the pricier versions.

However, some models are priced very reasonably, so find one that fits both your wallet and your needs. Steam cleaning is great for both the kitchen and the bathroom, especially around sinks. You will find many ways to use this great tool. It can also do double duty as a wrinkle remover for your clothing!

I feels wrong! You’re not sure you can really clean with just plain water! Once you do the research though, you will be confident that you can use your steam machine to disinfect all your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Some of the models have test data available which shows their effectiveness when compared to chemical cleaners. It truly is the most powerful natural house cleaning product available.

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